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Mindset & Marketing Club for Awakening Creators. Learn the simple laws of ideal client attraction.

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Web Design & Strategy that automates up to 80% of your online sales process for business success.

Energy WORK

Clearing out old patterns of pain on an energetic level for support in your business & life's work.

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Hi, I'm Audrie

Ascension Energy Worker

My energy WORK 6S system transforms awakening creators' skills, strengths, and stories into digital products & services for both positive impact & profit without the physical or psychic burnout.

My certifications are as a Reiki Master & Angel Healer of several lineages, Advanced holistic coach & healer, EFT Tapping Instructor, online business coach, live events leader, and website designer.

The Micro-Influencer


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Ascension energy work


  • Intuitive channeling
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