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6 pillars of content marketing

ideal client attraction before ad-spend


Starting with a solid foundation allows you to hold space for your client's journey. For what you believe is possible. A true transformation.


Business systems automation from the start. That way they can improve over time with the solid strategy in mind.


One step at a time in the right direction. Strategy is A.I. informed. Artificial Intelligence helps create & improve ideal client attraction.


Personalized sales funnels. With software chosen for your business strategy. Builds a foundation for automating up to 80% of your sales process.


Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. Making friends with keywords opens doors. To those ideal clients out there searching for you right now.


What you do is not for everyone. And that's more than OK. It's ideal. Establishing a clear vibe attracts who your brand is truly created & designed to serve.

hi... I'm audrie

Brand & Web Designer

I'm here to guide you in creating foundations for your flowing streams of online income in a way that is sustainable for you. So that your business vision can be brought to life without burning you out in the process. 

Reach out if you need a business bestie by your side. To help you design and implement brand strategies and launch sales campaigns for promoting and growing your small business without tech-ing or stressing yourself out.

Dream Income streams

Start With Sustainable First Steps

FREE 'Business Vision' Chat

Hop on a 30 minute zoom call to discuss your business vision. Discover how working together can transform your ideas into ideal clients in a simple way that you can sustain & maintain.

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Each package includes 12 one hour sessions. We co-create your business vibe, style, messaging & offerings.

Brand design

starts at $1197

  • Brand guidelines
  • Color pallette
  • Brand marks
  • Business logo


starts at $1197

  • Software setup
  • Funnel building
  • Content creation
  • Video repurposing

the glimmer club

stop gaslighting yourself & START RECOVERING FROM BURNOUT


What clients are saying

Courtney Carden, Jewelry & Culinary Artist

"Audrie's designed my websites for years. She writes all the info, designed my logo, chose the colors and helped me look and feel professional online."

Dr Sobyl Bunis

"Audrie's helped me build a solid infrastructure for my business. To allow me to show up online in both a professional and playful way. I'm feeling relaxed and confident about our digital strategy, and very supported in my marketing goals."

Jason Korthauer, Metaphysician

"Audrie has captured the essence of my brand identity and helped me to broadcast that to online spaces in ways that are easily accessible to my growing community."

Phoenix King, Psychic Medium & Mentor

"Since 2020 Audrie & I have grown my mentorship program to over 50 members and generated tens of thousands of dollars. She moderates my zoom classes most weeks and turns the videos into replays for my program and video content for my social media content. I couldn't do it without her. Highly recommend giving her a call."



Frequently Asked Questions

This service is designed for self-employed, small entrepreneurs who are looking to step up their web presence. In a way that brings in repeat business without burning them out. Quality and good service do not have to be expensive. You're in the right place if you're looking for a brand identity with strategy behind it. Or a business website that's personally designed for your ideal client attraction.

You can grab your Website Planner Template to use as is or customize in a Canva account to get an idea of everything you need on one page to build steady streams of online income in a sustainable way:

  • Does a domain or internet address already exist?
  • Which products and services do you offer for which target group?
  • Do you have a marketable message that leads with story?
  • Do you have text (copywriting) and images already?
  • Is there a brand identity or logo?
  • Is there an example site that you like the style of?

Responsive web design that has a quick & easy user experience on all screen sizes is the what's needed for grabbing attention spans. That's the main priority. That, and making your business stand out & shine online.

It could take from a week to a month from your free 30 minute consultation. Your project can be completed within 48 business hours of your design approval of all the elements (if they're being created by Audrie) or when brand assets (if you don't need copywriting or any brand design) are received.

Audrie makes redoing your website with the latest technologies and modern design using the contents of your old website, like images and texts, a simple process. In your 30 minute minute consultation ask about the GOOD TO GO discount. $300 OFF Rebrands. Websites are designed through sitejet. Hosting after the site is up and running starts at $15 monthly.

Grab your business website planner